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This intentional holistic coaching works in conjunction with YOUR own internal guidance system. Do you feel like things are just off? Would you like to get to the bottom of what's causing the stress in your life? Or perhaps, you really do know what you want, but just can’t seem to get moving? The answer to these and other challenges is within your spirit, waiting to be excavated beyond imprints and thought processes that hold you back. Let's connect today and use my proven tools, skills, and personal development techniques to blueprint your intentions and give you control of your life. 

I am offering free sessions for pandemic-era front-line workers. Reach out for more information.

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1:1 Coaching

Business today moves at an unprecedented pace of change, disruption, opportunity, and competition. How can owners, managers, founders, colleagues, and experts stay oriented in their values while also getting the work done? This business and entrepreneur coaching program is tailored to how your organization needs to clarify, create, and connect. Services range from 15-minute micro coaching sessions, to one-on-one executive coaching, to small group coaching and training. Learn to adapt to the unexpected and communicate with colleagues in a way that drives success, not stress.

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Coaching for Business and Solopreneurs



The pathway to a shift often feels easier said than done--but this is only true when the same advice is repeated over and over. Through the Gift to Shift podcast, I connect with all manner of people, asking tough questions and exploring their growth experiences. Every episode translates to different wisdom that might be the key to your revolution of joy. I invite you to listen in, or reach out to me about being a featured guest to share your story.

Gift to Shift Podcast
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